Gaga for GaGa


In case you missed it, Lady Gaga owned yesterdays Superbowl LI halftime show! To be quite honest, if it weren’t for Gaga’s performance I may not have paid much attention considering the fact that the last few years have been lackluster in my humble opinion. The Lady began patriotically singing “God Bless America” then leading into Woody Guthrie’s  “This Land is Your Land”and ending with the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, if you didn’t know already, Guthrie’s folk song is  a response to “God Bless America” and often viewed as a protest song…so Gaga, I’m guessing this was intentional. Intentionally genius.

Gaga’s entrance into the stadium was magical. As she was in the  air you could hear bits of her other hits, one of which being the intro to”Dance in the Dark” if you listen closely. Gaga led into many of the songs we all love, “Pokerface”, “Just Dance”, “Bad Romance” among others. Not only did she pull off an amazing show, Gaga managed to send a great message all the while singing live and dancing in a Versace costume and heels.

Gaga, you are a gem, a visionary. You left us speechless. So speechless.


Currently obsessing over Periphery’s  “Remain Indoors” off of their P3 album. 

It’s proggy and I dig it. Check them out on tour in the US this spring! 

Click on P3 to check it out! 

No-chella No- Cry 

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Coachella because I’d love to go but can’t because of monetary reasons.

So here it goes, I noticed a few artists I really love announced Spring tour dates (who are on the 2017 Coachella roster) but when I checked for an LA date all I see is “Indio, CA” assuming as though everyone is attending the festival. There was no Los Angeles date in sight and it’s something I’ve noticed not just with Coachella but other festivals as well. I’m not exactly sure how or why it happens that way, but I can’t be the only one that’s noticed this. Anyone know why playing a music festival is counted as an actual tour date? As much as I’d like to see a majority of the artists playing Coachella, it’s just not in my budget as opposed to paying $35-$50 although I’m sure the experience is worth it! If you feel my first world problem or attending Coachella who are you excited to see? Comment down below, I’d love to hear!

Night time jams 

Ever have that one song you go to when you’re winding down? Mine is “Naked Kids” by The Growlers, it has that perfect vintage sound that’s good for the beach goth soul!  

Click on the their album “Hung At Heart” to listen below! 



The XX have a released a follow up to their sophomore album “Coexist” and I wasn’t sure how it was going to hold up. When “Coexist” came out back in 2012 I was going through a pretty strange time, and all the events of that time reflected into that album so it holds a special place in my heart. But as soon as they released the single “On Hold” and I heard the opening lyrics,”I don’t blame you,we got carried away, I can’t hold on, to an empty space” I knew this was another special album. Now most people I talk to who are music lovers don’t really pay attention to lyrics but if anything will get me it’s the lyrics of any song. “I See You” is another great addition lyrically, musically to their discography and no doubt inspired by their own, Jamie XX’s solo work.

Airy, fresh, dreamy…I can feel my heart breaking all over again. Check it out!

Song of the record: Replica