My name is Kim and I have been a music lover and concert goer since my early pre-teen days. There isn’t one genre I don’t like…I lied I probably won’t listen to anything doom metal but other than that I’d say I’m a pretty open book. I’m from Los Angeles, born and raised and other than music I love coffee, anything vegan or vegetarian, cats (and all animals), space and trees. I interned for a music label for 2 years and learned a lot from the industry and I gotta say it was the best 2 years of my life. Although currently my job isn’t music related I hope to one day make that dream come true whether it’s blogging or finding a steady job at a label.

You’re probably wondering what bands or artists I’m into specifically but that’s what this music blog is about. My taste changes everyday and that’s something to be grateful for. So stay tuned because you’re about to find out!