Gaga for GaGa


In case you missed it, Lady Gaga owned yesterdays Superbowl LI halftime show! To be quite honest, if it weren’t for Gaga’s performance I may not have paid much attention considering the fact that the last few years have been lackluster in my humble opinion. The Lady began patriotically singing “God Bless America” then leading into Woody Guthrie’s  “This Land is Your Land”and ending with the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, if you didn’t know already, Guthrie’s folk song is  a response to “God Bless America” and often viewed as a protest song…so Gaga, I’m guessing this was intentional. Intentionally genius.

Gaga’s entrance into the stadium was magical. As she was in the  air you could hear bits of her other hits, one of which being the intro to”Dance in the Dark” if you listen closely. Gaga led into many of the songs we all love, “Pokerface”, “Just Dance”, “Bad Romance” among others. Not only did she pull off an amazing show, Gaga managed to send a great message all the while singing live and dancing in a Versace costume and heels.

Gaga, you are a gem, a visionary. You left us speechless. So speechless.


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